Ever feel like people just don’t notice you? Maybe even that you’re being ignored? Have you often thought of buying a megaphone or loudspeaker as a way to improve your communication skills? Or possibly that you need to speak up a bit louder so that both the guys in the back and those residing three miles away from you and 10 foot underground can hear? If so, then TAU’s own 18 the Goat can help you improve your public speaking skills so that no one, (not even those residing on the opposite side of the planet), will miss out on what you have to say. With an ability to project her voice through the concrete office wall that rivals the most thunderous opera singer, 18 can help you confidently communicate the most important messages in life. Her favorite subjects for oratory include “Excuse Me, We Seem to Be Out of the Good Hay!”; “Hello? Is Anyone There? I’m Bored and I Want Someone to Talk To!”; and the perennial favorite “I Am Screaming Like My Head’s Being Hacked Off By An Axe Murderer But Really I Just Felt Like Singing in the Barn For  A Bit!”. We sincerely hope she won’t be delivering an acceptance speech for being named TAU Animal of the Week!