Instant Gratification Waterfalls in Warwoman WMA

For those days when you just can’t wait for your reward, need the pay off now, or frankly, have along the friends who want the water more than the work, here’s the easiest damn waterfall hike ever.

Is it goat approved? Dunno. But I wouldn’t bring a goat to Holcomb Creek Trail in the summer…it looks popular.

How you get there: Get to these GPS coordinates: 34.978542, -83.266237. This is the intersection of “Hale Ridge Road”, “Hale Ridge Road”, and Overflow Creek Rd. Hahaha Google…you’re funny. But seriously, the trail is right at this intersection.

Take this sign literally – the trail is actually behind the sign…heading off in the direction of the arrow

Time for hike: The distance for this hike is a phenomenally lazy 1 mile round trip out and back.

Best season to do this hike: WINTER. This is a dead end on a viewing platform. Its akin to entering a box canyon with a goat while be followed by a pack of wolves. You won’t get out with your skin if you go during regular people weather. I had it to myself midday in February.

Trails to Take


Easy peasy. Find aforementioned intersection. Find a place to park. The trail head is right next to a brown and white forestry sign listing distances to various points of interest. It is further marked by an engraved boulder that will make you feel really ritzy after driving this far up into the maze of Warwoman WMA.

Goats beat dogs when it comes to rocks!

The trail drops quickly via switch backs and within 2 minutes you hit your first waterfall, which you cross directly in front of via a bridge. This is Holcomb Creek Falls. The rocks are worth a climb.

Holcomb Creek Falls

Wind up through the woods and back down and within a few more minutes your at Ammon Creek Falls and a very nice viewing platform.

Ammon Creek Falls

From here you trek back out and tell your buddies that they should be grateful you brought them on this one and not what you usually do on the weekend.


  1. There is no real off road parking at this trail head and people drive very fast on the straightaways in the forest to make up time. Try to pull off as much as you can.
  2. The road up to the trail head is best traveled in a high ground clearance vehicle. In snow/ice/heavy rain the Overflow Creek Rd is not your friend as it is very shaded and has been washed out in the past, (it is as of this posting, however, not washed out). Take Hale Ridge instead, and be prepared for predatory potholes, unexpected gravel cavitation, and serious suspension surprises.
  3. More on the road – there were a lot of downed trees next to or partially blocking the road in winter. If it’s been stormy or windy you would benefit from bringing the chainsaw and some gas if you plan to reach the trail head in the truck.
  4. This out and back dead ends at a viewing platform, despite previous posts elsewhere online that say it is a loop. I guess things have changed?

In sum: 

Sometimes you just need it right now. Like chocolate.


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