The Blue Wall Passage

The Blue Wall Passage is part of the Palmetto Trail – that winding, twisting, and unfortunately sometimes road walking trail that crosses the best state in the US from mountains to sea. Wondering what state that is? Hint: it’s in the only state with palmettos.

Is it goat approved? Far as I can see, hell yes.

How you get there: Head for Lanier Lake in Landrum, SC. There’s a small lot to park in at the end of Dug Hill Rd (Google Palmetto Trail Parking).

Time for hike: The trail is about 3mi round trip from parking lot to the falls and back up an old road bed. The grade is never strenuous, but you do have to go uphill for about a 1/4 mi. Add in the trip around the ponds and you could probably eek out a 5 mi day here.

Best season to do this hike: Winter. Summer would probably be kind of buggy with the ponds.

Trails to Take

Easy peasy – just follow the paved road that becomes a gravel road, and eventually you get to two nice ponds and a small but pleasant waterfall. When given the option to turn, continue straight to pass both ponds and reach the waterfall. Turning results in traveling around the ponds. I never did find where the Palmetto Trail leaves the Blue Wall Passage though…



  1. Not a lot of parking.
  2. Tends to be popular with joggers.
  3. May contain hordes of rabid birders during certain times of the year.

In sum: 

A goat can pull of anything. Even donut bandannas.

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