SOUTH CAROLINA: Licklog and Pigpen Waterfalls

A beautiful and easy stretch of trail takes you down to two nice waterfalls after a hike surrounded by rhododendrons and streams. You can park at the trail head or hike in on the Foothills Trail from Highway 107.

Is it goat approved? Not a great one for goats.

How you get there: Okay, first you turn down a gravel road. Then your gravel road crosses two creek crossings, (at the time of this writing in Jan. 2019 they could easily be crossed by sedans and small cars and were well maintained). Eventually you come up to the end of a small lake and the way ahead is marked as a private road. Follow the skinnier and less well maintained gravel road headed off to your right. This section is rougher than the preceding road and is ONE car only. If you meet anyone you may have to back the 600ft or so out. The road dead ends into a very small parking lot – make sure you park so you won’t be blocked in. The trail leaves from the small parking lot behind the trail kiosk.

Time for hike: Wagon Train trail and the mini falls is visible on Google. To the mini falls is about 0.9mi one way to the farthest fall or about 2 miles round trip. 

Miles on the Foothills Trail to various points of interest from the Licklog and Pigpen Falls parking lot

Best season to do this hike: Winter – you can see more of the falls with leafless trees.

Trails to Take

From the parking lot the trail heads out behind the trail kiosk. It winds among several streams. You will pass a wide trail heading off to the left up hill. Ignore this, the main trail goes straight ahead. Cross several foot bridges as you wind among the mountain laurel and rhododendron until you reach a trail intersection marked by the usual Forestry Service brown trail markers. Turn down hill to your left, (NOT straight) and you will immediately arrive at Pigpen Falls. The trail crosses the stream via a footbridge and continues on the other side. Walk another football field length or so and you will reach Licklog Falls. Then turn around and come back out the way you came.

Checking out the trail kiosk with the mini-polar bear
Pigpen Falls (it does have a smaller cascade to the side too)
Licklog Falls (courtesy of the web as I had a camera malfunction on this one!)


Crude, but surprisingly helpful trail map


  1. The parking area is very small.
  2. Part of the road on the way in is one car width only.
  3. There are 2 car creek crossings, though even after lots of rain I could cross them in a low ground clearance car.

In sum: 

You might want your sticks for this if you have a heavy pack or usually hike with them – it’s not as flat and bottom land-ish as it appears!

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