SOUTH CAROLINA: King’s Creek Falls at Burrell’s Ford Campground

Burrell’s Ford is a popular no fee campground on the beautiful Chattooga River. Along with the river there are two nearby falls, Spoonauger Falls and King’s Creek Falls. King’s Creek Falls is less than a mile from the campground, and makes for a great kid hike from the campground or the campground parking area. Today I hiked an easy loop from the parking area, past the Winchester Cemetery, to the falls, then back to the parking area via the campground.

Is it goat approved? The trail is tight and popular and therefore not goat friendly.

How you get there:  You want to go to the Burrell’s Ford Campground Parking Area off Forest Rd. 646 located at 34.971370,-83.114598.

Time for the hike:  1.4 mile roundtrip in a loop from the parking, past Winchester Cemetery, to King’s Creek Falls, through Burrell’s Ford Campground, and back to parking. Trail is easy but does have you scrabbling over a huge tree just before the falls that may be difficult for those with mobility impairment.

Best season to do this hike: anytime of year.

Trails to Take

The trail to take leads off from the parking area along the road on the opposite side from the pit toliet. Don’t cross the road, but continue forward on the foot path. The hill to the right here is crowned by the Winchester Cemetery, built in the 1820s.

Winchester Cemetery

The trail continues through rhododendron, wandering in a meandering fashion. The trail comes down to a creek. You want to cross the bridge and hang a hard left here to continue up the creek to the falls. This section dead ends at the falls.

King’s Creek Falls

Once you are done with the falls, turn back, cross the bridge over the creek again (don’t go straight ahead on the foothills trail) then hang a left and go downstream along the creek. This will take you to Burrell’s Ford Campground.

Bridge over the creek

Hang a left on the gravel road, then a left at the next campsite access road and go down to the river the see the historic Burrells Ford where the old wagon road used to cross. It is marked by a welded metal marker near the river bank.

Burrells Ford Campground

To go back to the parking area just follow the campground access road paralleling the river.



  1. The river used to be surrounded by a gorgeous hemlock forest of several hundred year old trees, (no really, it was like a magical elf level fairy land forest). Thanks to the wooly adelgid these are now gone, but their children are still struggling to make a comeback. So be kind to the baby hemlocks, and avoid rubbing up against them and carrying the wooly adelgids on your clothes to new forests for them to kill!
  2. TheI is a huge tree trunk blocking the trail just before the falls. It was not cross able for someone with a bad knee.
  3. You cannot camp near the trail head or along the road or along the river near either of the above. Plan accordingly. The campground itself is popular and will fill up!
  4. If you are camping you must hike in to this primitive campground with your camping gear.
  5. Ignore the terrible trail map posted at most of the trail heads in the area. It has no mileage, isnt drawn to scale, and is utterly useless. The fragments of trail on Google are more useful!

In sum: 

“To understand the limitation of things, desire them” – Lzu Te

Frog spawn in a vernal pool

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