felica (1)

As a proud member of the Poultry Unit Worker’s Collective, Turkey #347, (who prefers to be called Alicia), is helping get everyone ready for Thanksgiving. After a hard day of utilizing food and water resources to enhance turkey productivity, she likes to relax by dismantling an enrichment toy or two. While life can be demanding in the world of turkey production, Alicia finds time to exercise and stay in shape by playing keep away games with her house mates and doing some flight training. Confident in herself, she’s always the first to volunteer to be measured at weekly weigh-ins. The highlight of her week is the regular visits by students to the Poultry Unit, and as a true gourmet, she likes to try a peck of all the brightly colored boots and coverall legs she can. She would like to thank all her coworkers at the Unit for helping her become the TAU Animal of the Week!