Out of all the multitudes of baby horned minions currently overrunning  TAU, Barbie the Doeling is a young lady particularly well suited to lightening the hearts of visitors. Like a true Barbie girl, she comes equipped for the winter fashion season, including a stylishly furry winter coat, matching hooves, and a tasteful array of monochromatic spots. Barbie dolls themselves may come in a variety of career options, (because what woman wouldn’t want to be a vet as well as a blonde bombshell?), but never before has there been one so well equipped for hay bale mountain climbing, truck bed launch point base jumping, and running in the mud. Apparently made out of hyper-energized rubber bands and nearing critical mass plutonium more so than plastic and PVC, she comes with accessories for the outgoing goat, including her own John Deere Gator (surprisingly not painted pink), a stylish multi-tiered goat play station, and her own pet human who feeds her. Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!