Occupied with ongoing structural improvements at the Poultry Unit, Bob the Broiler has had a busy seven weeks since his arrival at TAU. A certified general contractor, he is using his expertise as both a chicken and a builder to make the Unit a better place to live and learn. He has spear headed such projects as the immensely popular “Eat a Carpenter Bee, Save a Load Bearing Wood Support” campaign; design and construction of the Dust Bathing Resort & Spa for Chicken Relaxation; and proposed remodeling of the ventilation system that would allow even broilers to fly, (at least, to one destination).  He lives up to his personal motto, ( “Can a chicken fix it? Yes a chicken can!”), not only through his own skills, but also through the help of Wendy the Broiler-ette and his trusty yellow drill named Everett. Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!