crossfit calf

The current aerobics/crossfit/pilates/kickboxing instructor at Planet Bovine, (TAU’s latest fitness trend), is a muscularly motivated personal trainer named Beef Calf #505. Dedicated to helping our blubbery beef cows work on their cardio and strength training while burning off that calving fat, he takes a special interest in keeping the herd on the move. He starts the morning workout by leading a run to the hay pile, followed by guiding our more matronly mothers in some cud chewing compatible Tai Chi stretches. To help his herd cope with the demanding stresses of life as modern high production cows, he may break out the incense for some meditation and yoga in the afternoon. Also fond of working with those who more closely approach his personal physical and athletic perfection, he heads the more demanding exercise regimes of the calves, (which mostly involves running around like nincompoops and driving their mothers crazy). He welcomes newcomers, especially vet students, who may find that while they can’t beat his speed, they only really need to beat him to the gate. Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!