The Boys!

The glitzy goats of the Teaching Animal Unit, Channing the Buck and Tatum the Wether are looking to bring caprines to the big screen. Inspired by being cast in the intro of the Bovine Club’s competition video, Channing has partnered with Tatum to launch TAU’s first wholly goat owned and operated film studio, Pasture K Productions. While goats have long been cast in bit parts in various vet school films, Channing and Tatum are now working on their first feature length picture, entitled “Magic Mike” in honor of their mutual father.  The movie has been billed as an epic drama detailing the trials of a gallant goat working the night shift as he attempts to improve his lot in life and keep the doe of his dreams against all obstacles. With Channing directing, and Tatum playing the naïve but loveable main character, we look forward to a successful movie premier for our Animals of the Week!