Domino Collage

Domino the Doeling is into superstition, black cats, and voodoo dolls. As the resident witch of the Goat Production Division of TAU, she loves Halloween, and can’t wait to show off her spells to students! This year she will be leading an Ouija board séance with the other doelings and hopefully summoning the ghosts of the herd’s long departed Boer forbearers.  As a progressive witch, she is building an ergonomic goat broomstick, (having found that standard human ones are difficult to stay on). The only goat in the herd with a valid driver’s license, she is also in charge of the trick or treating carpool this year, and you may see her behind the wheel of the Gator on the farm. Her most serious Halloween project is brewing love potion #9 to win back her ex-boyfriend Dallas the Kiko, who recently broke up with her and moved back home. She is missing only a handful of toad spleens to complete it. Congratulations to this week’s spooktastic Animal of the Week!