As a moo-del working with our beef cattle unit, Filet the Beef Cow makes good use of her first-rate looks and conspicuous white face. In her free time, she can be found lounging in the creek working on her tan, or dining out with her best friend, Cow #808, on organic kudzu vine. On the job, she loves to bask in the glow of smart phone flashes as she catwalks down the alleyway to the chute during labs. Afterwards, she is always willing to stay and pose for a selfie with her adoring fans. Coming from a show biz family, which also includes her sister, NY Strip, (a prominent SimAngus rapper), we have high hopes for the future stardom of Filet’s daughters Mignon and Sirloin. Her personal fashion tip for Fall is that fuzzy ears and black winter coats are currently in. She would like to thank her fans for being nominated as TAU Animal of the Week!