The TAU Geese can be seen daily coming up from the distant pond, scooching under fences and flapping over frightened sheep in search of a better life, (generally at the expense of everyone else’s). The ancestors of our flock were hardworking immigrant laborers, gleaning the corn fields of the northern plains in summer and slaving under the burning sun on the golf courses of Florida in the winter. No one knows what went wrong with their descendants. In breeding season our geese reliably nest in the worst locations, (such as atop the round bales other people are trying to eat), and they can be spotted chasing hungry livestock off their grain or attacking employees. Fouling automatic waterers with their cow manure covered beaks and lounging inside the dairy barn so that the cows can’t come in are popular past times as well, when they aren’t busy standing around talking and blocking the road. In honor of their anti-endearing obnoxiousness they end up being this week’s Animals of the Week!