Chick AOW

Don’t let her fuzzy exterior fool you, Hanzo the Hen (also known as Chick #234) is an accomplished member of our Feathers of the Night Ninja Clan, where she goes by the name the Clucker of Doom.  A master of secret ninja arts that allow her to defeat even grasshoppers and mantises, she relies on both her martial prowess and her cuteness as a kunoichi to complete her missions. Handy with throwing stars, tonfa, or a set of those nifty self-inflicted injury inducing nunchucks, she is always ready for her next assignment, (but may clank slightly when she walks). Her current operation is to infiltrate the hearts of students as she attempts to locate the kidnapped daughter of a feudal lord. While it is a well known fact that real ninjas cannot be photographed or visually identified until they attack, we have utilized special filters and motion stop cameras to give you the illusion that you are looking at the ninja in question, (it took a lot of work). Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!