Harley collage

Some biker gangs have goats embroidered on their jackets, but if they have a picture of Harley the Doe, they’re probably sentimentalists that have their first born child’s name tattooed on their arm. Leader of TAU’s Caprine Motorcycle Club, Harley is a grandmotherly goat currently riding with her own posse of young sexy devilish doelings.  Looking good in goat leather, and equipped with her own saddlebags, (Which she’s been using to carry around three kids for the last five months), she is a mother on a mission. Whether dangling from the ape hanger handlebars of her custom chopper or taking the flag with a café racer on the weekends, she seeks to capture the zeitgeist of her generation – that no matter whether you have two legs or four, life is meant to be lived fast! Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!