This animal has been sold as a companion animal. 

DeeDee is sweet, friendly, and the only goat in the string complete strangers and small children can approach and pet. Dehorned, she’s more of a lover than a fighter, and will typically attempt to hide under some bushes or get far off the trail if she thinks a dog is coming. New to the pack string, she seems to find the whole hiking thing interesting, much to the chagrin of the other jaded goats who have to follow her as she leads everyone, (even the humans), up the trail. DeeDee is perhaps best summed up as the Quarter Horse of the goat world, because no matter what happens she always seems to stay steady, positive, and proactive.

Model Year: 2012

Adult Height: 31 inches at the withers

Breed: ADGA Registered American Alpine

Source: Purchased from a backyard dairy herd.

Position in the pack string: The only goat you have any hope of getting to do what you want her to do most of the time you want her to do it. Not surprisingly, she’s also bottom rung in the pecking order of the pack string.

Packing Locations for This Goat: F.E.N.C.E in Landrum, SC; Moses H. Cone State Park; Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve, Dupont State Forest, Mountains to the Sea Trail – Falls Lake Section


Dee Dee Registration