Sometimes you see an animal and you think “Dang, that thing is ugly”. Then, sometimes you see an animal and you realize that ugly just doesn’t quite describe it adequately. That’s when you reach into your urban slang dictionary and pull out one of the best words invented by people who ignore pretty much every grammatical concept of the English language. Fugly, (i.e. “F— Ugly”). Fortunately for Fugly, while he won’t be featuring on the breeding roster, (since he’s a cross between the overly amorous Dogo and her inadequately fenced out son), he’s so fugly he’s cute. Thanks to being given a drug with a 7 year withdrawal time during surgery to fix his legs, he’ll be hanging out as a casual hiking goat and kid magnet for the duration of his existence. This animal is the sole bottle baby I own.

Model Year: 2016

Adult Height: 14″ at the shoulder

Adult Weight: 15 pounds

Adult Max Carrying Capacity: Nothing! He’s a mini

Breed: Alpine x Nubian x Cashmere

Source: Dogo’s little dalliance

Position in the pack string: The one you can’t see because everyone else is about 3 foot taller. But you know he’s there, because he yells if he is getting left behind.

Packing Locations for This Goat: Appalachian Trail

Fug’s looking cool as an adult
Do you have any food?
Fugly at 1 1/2 months