There are many webpages, and at least one great book on packing with goats, but all these sources are about packing with wethers. What most people use in their pack string is wethers and, lets face it, for pure brawn and tractable personality, the wether definitely wins.

However, how many people actually own a bunch of wethers? I mean look at these guys – they can’t breed, they can’t milk, and they don’t produce kids. They are, in fact, totally one hit wonders! Sure if you live out west and you hike every weekend or go on massively multiple week treks these guys are worth their feed, but what about those of us hanging out on the east coast who need to justify all the cost for only a few major trips a year?

Instead, for those who mostly day hike and don’t spend every weekend summiting a  glacier, try a doe. She’ll earn her keep both at the house and on the trail.

For more on how to hike successfully with the less manly member of the caprine species, check out the links under “How to Hike With Does” by clicking the menu button!