Pack goats that are for sale will be posted here! When I have time I raise out pack goat prospects and I sometimes have experienced pack goats for sale. For more on my management and training, see other pages on the site. 

I only sale goats for packing that from birth have the talent and personality to hike. I only breed does that are proven packers/hikers, or their offspring that are also proven packers/hikers.  Any kids that are not up to snuff are sold for other purposes. On average only 1 kid a year from my little herd has what it takes. Note that unlike most pack goat sellers I do not typically bottle feed my kids. I instead focus on breeding an animal that from birth is willing to pack so that I may take advantage of the greater growth and better nutrition achieved by leaving the kid with its mother. However, bottle feeding guarantees a kid will love humans, my method does not, (hence why I have wash outs that are sold for non-packing/hiking purposes).

*All animals are from a CAE/CL/Johnes negative herd with routine worming, hoof trimming, vaccination, and general health care. Herd is enrolled in USDA Scrapie surveillance, but is not eligible for Canadian import. *

*Prices are listed for animals only once they have demonstrated skill as a hiking/packing animal. Don’t see a price? They haven’t finished sufficient training yet and will be priced in the future.*



(AGE: Weaning – 1 yr)

*Animals found unsuitable for packing as training progresses will not be sold as packers/hikers*

2017 Kids

*Neither Winchester nor Remington made the cut this year as packing prospects*

NAME: Opus

Birth Date: 2/4/17

Breed: American Alpine (unregistered)

Parents: Unknown – this guy was bought to fill out my training string for the year. His parents were milking animals.

Sex: Male

Bottle Fed: YES

Skills: Swift water (i.e. river) training right now. Will begin serious hiking this Fall/Winter.

 PRICE: $125 (reserved until next Spring to put mileage on him this winter)


NAME: Cherry’s Sundae

Birth Date: 6/13/17

Breed: American Alpine (unregistered)

Parents: Cherry (grade American Alpine) x Faro (registered French Alpine)

Sex: Male

Bottle Fed: No

Skills: Learning to stand tied

PRICE: $125 (will not sell until midwinter)




(AGE: 1 yr +, at least 6 months on trail)

None at this time.