Bakri, the metrosexual man of the goat species, is extremely attached to his elegantly manicured coat and fuzzy cashmere in the winter. He knows he’s pretty and will use it to his advantage to get snack bars, petting, and someone to hold down the holly tree branch while he daintily partakes. Gaining the nickname “prince”, (or more derogatorily, “princess”), from a young age, this goat is so urbanized he won’t drink from puddles, ponds, or any form of unchlorinated water unless forced too. He prefers to bring his own sleekly modern stainless steel water bottle for the hike, the better to pretend he’s a lumbersexual of the great outdoors. While fine for short hikes on leashes, and a great goat for pulling you up hills, he isn’t really into this whole hiking in the great outdoors thing and would much rather sit down next to the trail and chew his cud when the going gets tough. A momma’s boy, he is attached to Dogo’s hip whenever possible, often providing him much needed motivation and for the humans much needed entertainment.

There is one important detail to always remember when hiking Bakri – don’t touch his precious perfect fur! Grabbing his hair or attempting to clip him will result in him truly losing his mind on the offender!

Model Year: 2013

Adult Height: 32 3/4 inches at the withers

Adult Weight: 115 pounds

Adult Max Carry Capacity: 38 pounds (or 10 pounds of saddle and 28 pounds of stuff)

Breed: Alpine x Nubian x Cashmere

Source: Dogo’s Momma’s Boy

Position in the pack string: Voted “Goat most likely to be on the cover of Vogue” concurrently with “Goat we all hope gets eaten FIRST”

Packing Locations for This Goat: His favorite haunts are in the inner city of Raleigh, NC, but he’s also been persuaded to hike Umstead State Forest; Danby State Forest; Ithaca, NY;  Dupont State Forest; American Tobacco Trail; Finger Lakes Trail sections; Fingerlakes National Forest; Turkey Pen – Pisgah; Chimney Bluffs State Park; Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve; Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve; Monkey Run Trail in Ithaca, New York; Pisgah National Forest; South Mountains State Park, Pilot Mountain State Park, Uwharrie National Forest;

Bakri in full regalia
Bakri surveys his domain
Wants attention because Dogo isn't paying him any mind.
Wants attention because Dogo isn’t paying him any mind.
So thrilled to be in the great outdoors
So thrilled to be in the great outdoors with his training pack as a baby
Miraculously he got up on this tree by himself.
Miraculously he got up on this tree by himself.
Always happy to be the center of attention when the camera comes out.
Always happy to be the center of attention when the camera comes out.