Hello my name is Jerry the Cat, and not laboring is how I celebrate Labor Day. It’s also how I celebrate every other day of the year! As a member of upper management at TAU, my job is more about supervising the TAU techs and liaising with Landscaping than contributing in any meaningful way to the bottom line. Despite strict adherence to my cat credo of non-effort, life as a farm mascot can still be demanding at times. I’m always working late into the night at the office to make up for sleeping all day. As a forward thinking and dynamic people manager, I try to keep supervising simple and stop thinking outside the box and just figure out how to sleep in it. I am careful to keep a close eye on my employees’ work ethic, generally by lying across any keyboard or chair they happen to use. Of course, I never forget to reward my employees’ hard work through allowing them to pet me and demonstrating public approval of their efforts by leaving dead animals at their stations, (Hint: Dead birds are a sign of special favor). While climbing to the top of the corporate ladder seemed like too much work, I did try climbing to the top of the hay loft once, which was okay, until I had to call my team to get me down. As a responsible manager I am also a major proponent of document safety, often assisting my employees by shredding important documents for security reasons even as they are being printed! As the primary decision maker at TAU, I make sure I’m always easy for others to contact by sleeping by the office phone night and day as well. Of course there are times even I feel I need to put in some extra effort, (or my purr-formance review might suffer), so I pretend to do real work by climbing into the filing cabinet drawers and acting as a paperweight. As an executive recently named Animal of the Week, my schedule is rapidly filling up, but I can probably squeeze you in, unless I decide to clear my afternoon for a more important appointment to play with some hay string.