Protesting something? Join Lady the Mare as she protests daily against the existence of halters and people who want her to wear them. A true conscientious objector, she holds firmly to her beliefs even in the presence of intense opposition, (i.e. being chased by multiple employees), and bribery, (i.e. the grain bucket). As a true protest needs more than one person, Lady always tries to galvanize her pasture mates into action when the opposition seems to be closing in on her. Barreling around the pasture at the lead of her own March on Pasture O, she is a perfect fit for April Fools as she makes fools out of her pursuers. Eventually though even the most radical of her demonstrations comes to an end, (though Lady usually accepts defeated when outnumbered, rather than waiting for the riot police and tear gas to arrive). Congratulations on getting your point across yet again, TAU Animal of the Week!