Despite appearing to be the cuddliest critters at the Teaching Animal Unit, the average sheep is about as interested in cuddling as a prickly pear cactus. In fact, they’d prefer it if you tossed the grain over the fence and left them alone. An entire species composed of introverts, we are trying to help our sheep become more sociable through starting our own chapter of Introverts Anonymous. While there was some confusion with the 12 step program, (because sheep can’t count), and there is still a reclusive tendency to hang out at the back of the pasture when anyone approaches, our youngest recruit, Lamb #1510, is already showing progress. While still shy and reluctant to engage our small ruminant technician in conversation, she has at least decided that morning greetings and a friendly shirt nibble are a sufficient exchange for breakfast. Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week on learning to make new friends!