Given that the only really important part of a dairy cow is the udder, Little Wendy the Heifer is doing her best to prove that production trounces pretty every time. She’s volunteered for halter breaking, flushing, and every headlock on the farm, but when you are a cow who is best viewed in the dark, it can be hard to move up in the herd! Easily picked out, (and picked on) for her big bull head, she’s more of a sale barn than a state fair contestant when it comes to looks. We’re hoping she’ll take after her grandmother, the original Wendy, and make up for a lack of charm and being sunburn city white by building a bountiful udder and filling up the bulk tank. Yet, there’s no denying she’s not quite the dairy type, so it’s good to know that this Animal of the Week has her own dedicated fan club to buoy up her spirits!