speck babies!

Day 9 of Lamb #1501 and Lamb #1502’s Daily Reports to Headquarters

We have successfully infiltrated the sheep and goat unit at TAU. We thought they might be a little suspicious. Thanks to a slight miscalculation we don’t exactly match our “moms”. Also, we missed the anticipated due dates by as much as two weeks due to unexpected preparations. Yet they still appear to suspect nothing! The gullibility of Homo sapiens in the presence of baby animals is unbelievable. Our plans progress. Today we caused no less than five visitors to ask our manager why we were black. She thinks it is because of the ram. But she is wrong! We are in fact industrial spies sent from New Zealand to infiltrate the vet school using our adorable appearances and cute antics. Already we have attracted key players at the vet school to our location, and look forward to developing covert relationships with students in the near future, (if we can get them to stop using baby talk at us anyway). We also hear we have been chosen as TAU’s Animals of the Week. This only increases the likelihood of a successful mission…