Sheep #1206 has been trying to improve the image of the average ovine at TAU. She knows the flock has long been viewed as weak, nay, even a bit sheepish, in nature. To improve this perception she started a sheep affirmative action program aimed at helping sheep get off the defenseless critter dinner menu by partnering them with more respected species. She tried a Running of the Wools in cooperation with the cow herd, but all the “sheeple” ended up trampled. A morning jog with the local horses resulted in five cases of wool induced heat stroke. To get ready for summer #1206 tried to organize a joint goat/sheep shearing event, but found that rather than improving their mood, shaving a goat naked just makes them angry. Yet, despite these setbacks, we can only congratulate the TAU Animal of the Week for having the courage to try and earn her species some respect!