Promotion should be a time for celebration, but Teddy the Calf doesn’t seem to be in the mood. Unhappy with graduating to the Calf Development Department after her cushy self-centered childhood in the calf hutches, she refuses to grow up! Being accustomed to humans waiting on her hand and hoof she is unwilling to lower herself by associating with her pasture mates. She therefore snubs the communal trough and demands her own grain bucket placed discretely away from the common rabble. When like any employee just starting out she gets her lost in her new surroundings, rather than follow the other bovines, she gives up completely and stands next to the fence yelling for her muddy ATV mounted knight in shining coveralls to come rescue her. Unfortunately for Teddy, demotion back to luxurious baby-hood is not an option so she’ll just have to tough it out…somehow. Congratulations (we guess) to the TAU Animal of the Week!