Tex and Harley

Preferring to introduce himself as “Tex, Tex the Gelding”, TAU’s international man of mystery is a leading secret agent for MI6’s Equus Division. Don’t let his grey hairs fool you, Tex is the epitome of dashing and debonair! You can join him for a clandestine drink at the Horse Barn, where he always orders his senior feed shaken, not stirred, and puts his tab under “007”. Though fond of cocktails, he is also licensed to graze, and does so on every available occasion in the service of queen and country. Accompanied by his lady of the moment, Harley the Goat, (a brown and white beauty of mature years), he is currently in pursuit of Speck the Sheep, whom he believes may be the nefarious head of “Specktre”, an evil organization bent on world domination. Congratulations TAU Animal of the Week!