Leading TAU’s starting lineup for the Final Four this April, (known as the Fab-Five Piglets for their fabulous ball handling skills), are Michael, Jordan, Rod-pig, Magic, and “I’m Cool” Jabbar. The best players of TAU’s own collegiate basketball team, the NC State Vet School Pig Trotters, they are excited to take NC State’s sports offerings to the next level. Having recently beaten out their rivals the Arkansas Razorbacks in overtime during March Madness, they are actively training with the swine manager for their Final Four matches, when they will be up against such fearsome teams as the Lafayette Leopards and Baylor Bears. However, they seem unperturbed by the carnivorous nature of their competitors, having recently drafted several of the red wolves to play offense in response. We look forward to a successful conclusion to their current winning season. Congratulations TAU Animals of the Week!