TAU’s young yearling “V” seeks a studly companion who knows his 50 Shades of Hay after a disappointingly single Valentine’s Day. She’s looking for a striking stallion who’s fetching in a halter or under saddle, and has a romantic side. Platonic love may be fine for poets, but this mare is looking for something more physical out of her relationships, namely romantic starlit gallops to the local round bale for dinner. While roses may be red, and violets blue, “V”’s looking for a stud that knows to treat a lady to alfalfa too. Public displays of affection are welcome, and she enjoys a good mutual scratching. Recently she has been in a relationship with a much older man, (Tex the Gelding), but her ideal lover is a bit younger, (or at least still has all his teeth). Let’s hope there’s a guy out there for this week’s TAU Animal of the Week!