Pack goat (noun): a be-horned companion that acts as your personal valet, carrying your stuff and keeping you company while you hike.

Are you terminally ill with boredom? Tired of the same hum drum hiking buddies and the predictable stereotypes? You’ve trail run with the guys. Gone waterfall viewing with the girls. You’ve hiked with the guy who brought his non-outdoorsy girlfriend. Walked with the Labrador that needed to lose a few pounds. Maybe even rented a horse for the weekend and tried to ride out your desire to beat your head against the wall in angst?

Try goats. Trust me, all those hiking trips you thought were boring and easy, you’ll be reminiscing fondly about them as you drag your own cud chewing suitcase on hooves up a mountain trail. For more on life as the head of a caprine pack string, check out the Menu Button at the top of the page.